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Androscoggin Press is a small independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction books. Located in Southern Maine, our book list currently includes memoir, mysteries, biography and children's stories. We plan to expand the list with more to come. 


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Maude sat under a roof of green branches. It was cold now and it was getting dark. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her knees. She had heard that a girl could get lost in the woods and never find her way home again. She began to cry. Her bursts of sobs sounded like bird chirps in the snow-quiet woods. She wanted her Mother.

“I have to be brave,” she said. “I just have to.”

                                Maude and The Merry Christmas Tree


Cynthia Fraser Graves, Writer

Cynthia is an accomplished writer, with published works including her latest novel, Dusk On Route 1; a memoir, Never Count Crow: Love and Loss in Kennebunk, Maine; an extensive poetry collection; and A Year With Henry: A Twenty-first Century Blog (YearWithHenry. In Maude and the Merry Christmas Tree, Cynthia reaches back to her childhood in

Rumford, Maine—days absent of technology and the complications of the modern world. Learn more at

Theodore P. Fraser, PhD, Writer

Dr. Fraser is Professor Emeritus of French and Studies in European Literature, College of Holy Cross.  His publications include: The Modern Catholic Novel in Europe; The French Essay; The Moralist Tradition in France; and La Duchat First Editor of Rabelais. Dr. Fraser has also translated several titles, most recently the Chronicles of Resistance and Deportation: Jacqueline Pery D'Alincourt and Her World (2021, Androscoggin Press). 

Nancy Bariluk-Smith, Illustrator

Nancy’s adventurous nature has taken her on backpacking journeys to Australia, New Zealand, and rural Alaska. Her lifelong passions revolve around color, nature, texture, and design. Nancy’s latest endeavor is children’s book illustration. She blends her unique images with the playful nature of childhood perspectives. 

In Maude and the Merry Christmas

Tree, Nancy has hidden birds throughout the story for children to find. Nancy is a flourishing artist from Kennebunk, Maine. Learn more at

Cheryl Grant Gillepsie, Writer

Cheryl writes memoir and creative nonfiction. She is part of the anthology Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mothers' Stories, which won 3 awards. Her personal book Gracie & Albert launched in 2019. She is currently working on a book about a mother who protested and went on a risky journey behind enemy lines to rescue her son Mark, a Vietnam POW. Cheryl is a passionate advocate for mental health issues.

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