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Maude and the Merry Christmas Tree

Androscoggin Press First Edition, 2020

Cynthia Fraser Graves - Illustrated by Nancy Bariluk-Smith

How do tinfoil, a Christmas tree, and a red bird come together in a story that takes place deep in the Maine woods? The answer to that riddle lies in the pages of this book. Maude and the Merry Christmas Tree tells the tale of a young girl growing up in a small Maine town during the 1950s.

Maude and the Merry Christmas Tree is the first telling of Maude’s many exploits that combine adventure, bravery, and friendship. Come along with Maude into Christmas Tree Woods.


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Dusk on Route 1 (Cynthia Fraser Graves)

Androscoggin Press Revised Edition, 2019

It's Christmas Eve on the coast of Maine and someone has gone missing. Pamela Iverson, a grief stricken widow new to the small town of Wells, is lost as a powerful nor'easter approaches. A rescue attempt is mounted by a crew of townsfolk in need of rescue themselves. Snow flying, waves crashing, time stands still as inexplicable events unfold, changing them all forever.

This new edition of Dusk on Route 1 is the culmination of over twelve years of dedicated writing and revision. The original idea for the book first came to Cynthia in 2007 over a cup of coffee at the Maine Diner in Wells when, looking at the brightly lit florescent tubes of the wall clock, she recalls hearing, “The neon rim of the diner clock spun color into the dim, warm dining room; tints of red, blue and green pooled on plates like gravy.” From that moment, her writing life was consumed by plot and character development for what would become this book.


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Never Count Crow (Cynthia Fraser Graves)

Androscoggin Press, December 2006

"Just behind the scrim of ordinary life, the notice rippled in the air. I heard the whispered warning; it was received and noted, recorded in lines of poetry that became insistent and mystifying. When does a person's death begin in a palpable way? The appointment is made, the clock is running. Although we are unaware of its progress, Death will not be denied. It is the remarkable person who, rising to a day full of plans and events, takes time to scan the skies, seeing the dark cloud forming on the horizon." 

Never Count Crow is a nonfiction account of one family's experience of a sudden death in their midst and the events that preceded and followed that death.


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Gracie & Albert (Cheryl Grant Gillespie)

Androscoggin Press, October 2019

A portrait of a young couple in 1948 rural Maine. Gracie is struggling with four months of treatment for mental illness in a public psychiatric hospital. Dealing with the guilt of having his wife involuntarily committed, Albert is holding himself and their two young sons together on the outside. 

The reader is tossed back and forth between the mid-twentieth century mental health institution, primitive by today's standards, and an outside community rife with intolerance and void of support for patients' families. The story is based on the author's parents experiences in their early twenties, the author's recollections of her mother's stories, and actual records from Augusta State Hospital.


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